Best Platform of Freelancing

Fiverr is the first on our list, and it the most used freelance platform. With over 14 million users from around the world, it has become the largest hub of freelancers.

Best Platform of Freelancing

If you are tired of listening to your old boss, or you are not content with your small pay, or you may be a skillful person and is not able to utilize your skills and want to have the freedom and independence of work, then freelancing is surely for you. 

But while starting out as a freelancer, you are not sure where you should begin, then we are here to help you out in your journey. Out of hundreds of websites out there that are just dedicated to freelancing, you should be able to pick the right one to give your freelancing career the right head start. Listed here are the top three best platforms for freelancing as they are not just famous and renowned, but also are high paying and rewarding, so that you can kickstart your career in the best possible way. 


Fiverr is the first on our list, and it the most used freelance platform. With over 14 million users from around the world, it has become the largest hub of freelancers. The diversity of Fiverr members is quite obvious since it has over 200 different categories of professional areas of expertise. 

Anyone can join and start giving their services starting from just $5. In its starting days, Fiverr had this reputation of a platform that offered any kind of service starting from $5. This was one of the main reasons due to which this platform grew popular in no time at all. Now, sellers can get a lot more than just $5 and even raise their price for service to $995.

 It works very differently than all other freelance platforms. It’s a platform where sellers meet their ideal buyers. Every seller starts giving their services by making a gig on a platform that presents his particular skill or service. A gig has a title, a description, some photos, and the pricing details of the service. Potential buyers then come and search for their interests and find the right seller for the job among all the gigs. While on other platforms, you have to bid on potential clients and win a job. 


On our list of best freelancing platforms, we have Upwork on the second number. Upwork is a great platform for beginners as well as experts due to the flexibility of its algorithm to connect the right buyer with the right seller. Once you set up a legitimate profile that is both verified through a government ID check and also complete, you can start pitching buyers through cover letters and proposals. 

Hundreds of jobs are posted by potential buyers, and you can send the proposals and win a job through your persuasion skills that you are the right person for the job. Applying for a job uses up some amount of connects, which are internal tokens of Upwork. Connects are pretty cheap when it comes to their amount, as with a little number of connections, you can apply to the big jobs as well.

 There are two kinds of projects on Upwork, the fixed-price projects and the hourly-priced projects. The former are the kinds of projects in which the buyers set an amount of money to be payable after the project is completed. In hourly-priced projects, the sellers set a rate of work per hour. The hourly projects benefit both sides as the buyer will pay only for the hours worked, and the seller will also charge for all the hours worked, thus not giving any loss to both. One can track the time of the hourly projects through a desktop app that takes screenshots of the seller’s screen in real-time. 

Guru: is also a great platform for freelancers who have just started out to build their career in freelancing. Its working is just like Upwork. You just register on the website as a freelancer and make your profile look neat and legit. Buyers post jobs on the website, and you can search through the job listings to get the ideal job. After that, you just submit quotes and win a job.

There are four paying methods on GURU. You can choose any of them and send the quote and also state your understanding of the projects and your terms. Though the website has a lot of different categories of expertise, but it is the best place for developers mainly because more jobs are posted for developers. Others can still join it to get their career started and build their portfolio.  


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